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Cincinnati Museum Center invites you to grab a drink and talk nerdy

21 and up series CurioCity kicks off second season June 1

CINCINNATI – Experience history, science, art and more over drinks with friends while you pick the brains of local experts. Cincinnati Museum Center’s 21 and up series CurioCity kicks off its second season June 1 with Real Wonder Women of Cincinnati.

Learning doesn’t have to be boring. So CMC kicked it up with timely topics presented in fun ways. Learning doesn’t have to take place in the classroom. So CMC took it out to bars and other locations across the community. Learning doesn’t have to be dry. So grab a drink and loosen up with friends, local experts and topics that will keep the conversations going and the curiosity flowing.

CurioCity is back for its second season at new locations with new topics, new games and new ways to experience history, science and art like only CMC can provide.

Real Wonder Women of Cincinnati – June 1
Lasso up some friends and journey back in time to the Great War for a World War I-themed event. Super Heroines Etc. will highlight real life wonder women from Cincinnati’s past, present and future and explore the ways Wonder Woman may have been covered by the press had she been a real person during World War I.

Time: 7 p.m.
Location: Fort Thomas Antiques and Design Center
Advance Tickets: $10 CMC Members, $15 non-Members
Day-of Tickets: $12 CMC Members, $17 non-Members

One with Wanderlust – July 1
Summer is upon us and you may be itching to hit the road so pack up your things and trek over to 50 West Brewing Company for an outdoor adventure. Join local nature-loving friends with CMC for a taste of the great outdoors and all the tips and tricks necessary to enjoy the ultimate road trip.

Time: 1 p.m.
Location: 50 West Brewing Company
Advance Tickets: $10 CMC Members, $15 non-Members
Day-of Tickets: $12 CMC Members, $17 non-Members

Astro Geek Out – August 17
Look to the sky and the stars beyond for a celebration of all things space and sci-fi. Gear up for the upcoming solar eclipse with everything you need to know about spotting the rare celestial event. And speaking of gear, grab your phasers, light sabers and any other sci-fi items because costumes are encourage. Embrace your inner space explorer for an event that’s sure to be out of this world.

Time: 8 p.m.
Location: Mount Adams Pavilion
Advance Tickets: $10 CMC Members, $15 non-Members
Day-of Tickets: $12 CMC Members, $17 non-Members

Stay tuned for more exciting CurioCity events as CMC announces the fall, winter and spring schedules. From Shakespeare to childhood toys to sports, CurioCity is your source for an evening of education, fun and nostalgia. So whether you’re a history nerd, art geek or science freak, CurioCity has something to pique your interest.

CurioCity is supported by the generosity of the thousands of young professional contributors to the ArtsWave Community Campaign.

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