Museum of Flight Accepting Student and Teacher Applications for 2018 High School STEM Summer Programs

The deadline for high school sophomores to apply for one of the Museum’s premiere education programs is Feb. 16, 2018. The Western Aerospace Scholars Sophomore program is a distance-learning and summer experience program for Washington, Oregon and Montana state high school sophomores. The sophomore level program serves as an introduction to the junior course, and is an online course that takes place in the spring of sophomore year, combined with a three-day on-site experience during July or August 2018.

The STEM-based program focuses on space exploration. Students who successfully complete the online coursework are invited to participate in a three-day summer experience and are granted automatic admission into the junior program.The summer experiences allow students to work with industry professionals, NASA scientists, university students and STEM educators to plan a robotic mission to Mars.

Teachers Needed to Evaluate and Facilitate
WAS is seeking STEM teachers to evaluate online coursework and participate as an academic facilitator during the summer experiences for the sophomore programs. Teachers will work with university level curriculum and content, and have opportunities to interact with professionals working in STEM fields, tour engineering and research facilities that are not open to the general public, work with highly engaged and motivated students, and learn new techniques for demonstrating STEM concepts in their classrooms.Stipends and clock hours are available.

Applications are online, for more information please email [email protected] or call 206-764-5866.

Western Aerospace Scholars watch with anticipation as one of their model rockets is about to be launched. Museum of Flight.