Cincinnati Museum Centre announce Mission Aerospace aeronautical adventure

CINCINNATI – Tomorrow’s aviation pioneers are here. It’s time for their first mission. Blast off on an aeronautical adventure in Mission Aerospace, opening May 25 at Cincinnati Museum Center (CMC).

Kids dream of becoming pilots and astronauts. Most adults never quite grow out of that dream. Mission Aerospace is your chance to prove you have the right stuff as you weave through an interactive aeronautical labyrinth. Over a dozen stations of experiments, puzzles and activities are packed into a 4,000-square-foot maze.

Learn about the history of rockets and flight, from biplanes to jet fighters and Mars rovers to space shuttles. Explore the technology that supports modern-day aeronautics and test the laws of aerodynamics by creating advanced paper airplanes. Experiment with unconventional designs and tweak your plane to see if you can pull off in-air stunts like loops and barrel rolls. Or pilot your own World War I-era biplane using a motion sensing camera.

You can also step into the lab and get familiar with the mechanics of flight. Fly a model plane through a miniature wind tunnel to learn about thrust, lift and control and spin gyroscopes to actually feel how navigation systems find true north.

Whether you’re a cadet pulling 3 G’s above the clouds in a barrel roll, an engineer optimizing an aircraft with low drag or an astronaut rocketing through the stars on the first manned mission to Mars, you can get your first taste of the skills you’ll need to get there in Mission Aerospace.

Humanity’s future is in the stars. This generation, equipped with an understanding of flight’s history and physics, will lead us there.

Adult $10.50
Child $8.50
Senior $9.50
Add the Duke Energy Children’s Museum for just $3 per ticket.

Mission Aerospace is open through September 9. The exhibition is free for CMC Members. Visit for more information.