Weekly “Breathe Free” Screening at National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

CINCINNATI, OH – The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center will screen “Breathe Free” in the Harriet Tubman Theater weekly throughout the run of the visual art exhibition, The Columbus Crossing Borders Project. “Breathe Free” is a moving and compelling documentary that spotlights stories of refugees now living in central Ohio. The 50-minute documentary will be shown on Saturdays at 11:00 a.m. in the Harriet Tubman Theater. The weekly screening is included in general admission.

“The international refugee and migrant crisis can leave individuals feeling lost and helpless,” said Jacqueline Dace, Deputy Director at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. “This documentary will provide valuable insight into the refugee experience and the steps we can take as individuals to build understanding and create more welcoming, inclusive communities.”

Through the lens of filmmaker Doug Swift, viewers will be introduced to those who have fled war, terror, and other dreadful conditions. The documentary tells stories of the dedicated individuals who offer comfort, support, and advocacy while touching on a myriad feelings surrounding U.S. border issues. Through the film, viewers will learn how these issues led Laurie VanBalen, a Central Ohio based artist, to create The Columbus Crossing Borders Project, enrolling 34 Central Ohio artists to explore the refugees’ experiences through their artwork.

“We’re looking forward to sharing this documentary more broadly as our community has a proud history of welcoming newcomers, refugees and newly naturalized citizens,” said Ted Bergh, CEO of Catholic Charities Southwestern Ohio. “More than 12,000 refugees have been resettled through Catholic Charities since the Vietnam War. Refugees contribute to our local economy through hard work and entrepreneurial spirit. This film celebrates their perseverance and courage.”

The Columbus Crossing Borders Project exhibition, which is on view through August 19 at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, is sponsored by Catholic Charities Southwestern Ohio and included in general admission.

For more information about “Breathe Free” and other programming at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, visit freedomcenter.org

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center