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Cincinnati Museum Center partners with Electrada to add electric vehicle charging stations

CINCINNATI – Cincinnati Museum Center (CMC) is now helping guests recharge in more ways than one. CMC has worked with Cincinnati-based Electrada to install eight electric vehicle charging stations in its parking lots, allowing guests to recharge their vehicles while they recharge through experiences shared together inside the museums.

“Cincinnati Museum Center is a champion of innovation. Adding electric vehicle charging stations as an amenity is not only a celebration of the innovation of modern, clean transportation, but an affirmation of our commitment to support science and infrastructure that bolster the health of our planet,” said Elizabeth Pierce, president and CEO of Cincinnati Museum Center. “We hope that by increasing the availability and convenience of electric vehicle charging stations, we can help encourage more people to utilize and champion clean, sustainable energy.”

Launched in 2020, Electrada does everything organizations need to power electric vehicles, including covering the costs of installation for charging equipment and the maintenance and upgrades of all infrastructure. This significantly reduces the cost and risk to organizations providing EV charging. Electrada works with a wide variety of organizations, from fleet owners and managers, to cities, municipalities, workplaces, multi-unit residential communities and retail and parking facilities. Electrada has previously installed electric vehicle charging stations at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, Cincinnati Art Museum, Northern Kentucky University and hundreds of other ports within the Greater Cincinnati area.

“The electric vehicle market is growing extremely quickly, and we recognize the need to meet growing driver demand by installing more of these easily accessible and dependable charging stations,” said Kevin Kushman, CEO of Electrada. “We are thrilled to add more charging ports to make it easier for EV owners to power their vehicles.”

Guests with electric vehicles can use the charging station through the FLO app.

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