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Museum of Flight Unveils STEM Programming for Multilingual Students

SEATTLE – The Museum of Flight now offers a Spanish language version of its popular virtual and remote STEM education program, Suited for Space. The new Suited for Space | English Learner Enhanced can be used for students learning English and/or Spanish. Designed for upper-elementary and middle school learning environments, the program leads students to explore the dangers of the vacuum of space by investigating how low-pressure environments affect the human body. The virtual program is now available free of charge on the Museum’s website. Student and teacher guides are free downloads from the Museum’s website. Suited for Space | English Learner Enhanced was made possible by a $50,000 grant from The Boeing Company.

Western Washington is home to some of the most diverse school districts in the nation. The Museum’s Boeing grant has not only funded the adaptation and translation of course materials, but has also allowed Museum educators to further their professional development for working with multilingual students. For the past five months, Museum educators have been meeting for sessions to explore Rising Multilingual Learning under the guidance of Dr. Stephanie Foreman, a Research Scientist at the University of Washington.

“As the demographics of our program participants change, it is important that we adapt so we can continue to engage learners in the excitement and opportunities of space and aviation,” said Dr. Dana Riley Black, Vice President of Education at the Museum. “The Museum is committed to increasing access and removing barriers to participation in our education programs available through the Museum’s education department, The Boeing Academy for STEM Learning.”

The Boeing Academy for STEM Learning
The Boeing Academy for STEM Learning offers aviation and space-focused education and career progressions designed to foster a student’s inspiration, exploration or preparation and that leverage The Museum of Flight’s collections, people and facilities. The Academy strives to accelerate opportunities for all youth, with particular focus on under-resourced and underrepresented populations, by connecting them to fulfilling, in-demand STEM careers. The Academy operates in partnership with schools, community-based organizations, government, business and industry to ensure that our next generation has readiness to lead and innovate.

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Museum of Flight Unveils STEM