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Peabody Essex Museum (PEM) Announces Changes to the Board of Trustees

The Peabody Essex Museum (PEM) announces that C. Richard Carlson has stepped down as Chairman of the Board of Trustees after a long and distinguished tenure. Samuel T. Byrne and Sean M. Healey, trustees since 2005, have been named as co-Chairmen of the Board Mr. Carlson will continue to be active on the Board as its Treasurer.

Mr. Carlson joined PEM’s Board of Trustees in 1992 and became its Chairman in 2005. During his term, he contributed to PEM’s increased national and international visibility, strengthening relationships with key institutions in China, India and Korea. As Chairman, he helped significantly raise the profile of the museum’s exhibitions, expand the educational program, and enhance the institution’s financial foundation.

“Richard Carlson has provided exceptional leadership and tireless commitment to the museum during his term as Chairman of the Board,” said Dan Monroe, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of PEM. “Through his efforts, the museum has realized major advances in all areas of its programs and operations. He has been, along with Board President Robert Shapiro, an exemplary partner.

“Robert N. Shapiro will remain as President of the Board of Trustees, providing valued continuity and leadership in the role he has occupied since 2005. “PEM has its own special energy, reflecting the shared commitment of everyone in the museum family. As Chairman, Dick Carlson has fostered a vibrant spirit of partnership and creativity; as new co-Chairmen, Sam Byrne and Sean Healey will further extend the museum’s bold initiatives and global scope. With all of our colleagues on the board, we treasure the opportunity to guide this great museum and spark excitement, discovery and delight in all who encounter it,” said Mr. Shapiro.

Samuel Byrne and Sean Healey assume the role of co-Chairmen at a dynamic point in PEM’s development. Both have been trustees for more than five years, each serving on the Executive Committee. “While many art museums in America are cutting back on exhibitions and programs, PEM is increasing its impact regionally, nationally and globally. As recognized business and civic leaders, Sam and Sean will work in concert with Rob Shapiro to advance the museum in the years to come,” said Mr. Monroe.

“PEM is an institution that aims for no less than transforming people’s lives by broadening their perspectives and connecting them to the wider world. It is an honor to work with the Board and Executive leadership to bring the museum’s expansive vision to the public at-large,” said Mr. Byrne.

“The Peabody Essex Museum is one of the nation’s leading cultural institutions, providing visitors with access to a blend of art and culture. I’m honored to have been asked to serve as co-chairman of the Board of Trustees, and look forward to working closely with the dedicated executive team as we pursue the museum’s mission of creating experiences that engage the mind and enrich the spirit,” added Mr. Healey.

Image: The Peabody Essex Museum

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