Kunstmuseum Lucerne Presents Max von Moos Exhibition

The Kunstmuseum Lucerne is currently showing a unique view of local artist Max von Moos in the exhibition “Max von Moos: Seen by Peter Roesch, Christian Kathriner and Rober Estermann”, which can be seen until July 31st, 2011.

Lucerne artist Max von Moos (1903–1979) shaped the art scene of Central Switzerland for almost half a century. With his unique body of work he left traces both as an artist and as a committed and charismatic teacher at Lucerne School of Arts and Crafts. The collection of Museum of Art Lucerne holds some 90 of his works, which form the basis of this slightly unusual presentation. Peter Roesch (b. 1950), Robert Estermann (b. 1970) and Christian Kathriner (b. 1974) have made artistic commentaries on Max von Moos. These interventions, produced specially for the exhibition, give an opportunity to look at Max von Moos’s oeuvre from a new perspective. At the same time they provide an insight into the current work of three interesting contemporary artists.

Image: Max von Moos Versteinerte Tänzerinnen, um 1936 Tempera und Öl auf Hartfaserplatte, 69 x 52 cm Kunstmuseum Luzern © Peter Thali, Luzern

Curated by Christoph Lichtin


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