Museum Aan de Stroom (MAS) Opens on 17 May

On Tuesday, 17 May the Museum aan de Stroom will open its doors. The MAS tells the story of a long history of exchanges between Antwerp and the world. The MAS tells new stories using the traces of these exchanges. About the city, the river and the port. About the world in all its diversity. About Antwerp’s centuries-long connection with the world.

Museum aan de Stroom

Antwerp’s B-architecten was given the task of designing the interiors of the museum rooms and drew its inspiration from film and theatre.

A contemporary exhibition must be an exhibition of experience, and putting one together is best compared with the creation of a theatre production. Not only does the content attract the visitor, but also the visual, auditory and tactile input. Various senses are stimulated during a visit to the museum.

Eric Sleichim from Bl!ndman was selected to compose specific music for each themed exhibition. Just like in a movie, the music supports the exhibition’s story.

Studio Tom Hautekiet was appointed to work together with B-architecten on the design of the graphics for each themed exhibition.

Museum Aan de Stroom
Hanzestedenplaats 1
2000 Antwerpen
tel. +32 3 338 44 34
fax +32 3 338 44 44

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