National Slavery Museum Site for Sale

The proposed Slavery Museum site in the city of Fredericksburg is set for sale, reports ROBYN SIDERSKY writing on

“The city of Fredericksburg is ready to sell the land that the National Slavery Museum was supposed to be built on in Celebrate Virginia. It also is threatening to take legal action if the delinquent taxes on the property are not paid in the next month.

City Treasurer G.M. Haney said yesterday that he directed an attorney to send a letter to museum officials notifying them that the land would be eligible for sale.

The museum was supposed to be built on 38 acres of land in Celebrate Virginia that was donated by the Silver Cos. in 2002.

The museum owes more than $215,000 in taxes, Haney said. The city’s attorneys have sent a letter to the museum’s attorneys giving them 30 days to pay the unpaid taxes.”

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