National Museum of Natural History Hosts Open House for Eternal Life in Ancient Egypt Exhibition

The Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History hosts an open house for new exhibition “Eternal Life in Ancient Egypt” om Wednesday, November 16, 2011 – 9:30am – 11:00am.

Image: Egyptian mummy and coffin 150 BC – 50 AD

The National Museum of Natural History will open “Eternal Life in Ancient Egypt” to the public, its largest mummy exhibition to date Nov. 17. The exhibition, expanded from a preview of three cases in the spring, is permanent and includes an additional eight cases focusing on the science behind studying mummies. Many of the objects going on display will be on view for the first time.

Animal mummies such as a raptor, crocodiles, ibis, snake, cats and a bull each prepared for the afterlife as a representation of a particular Egyptian god

CT scans and X-rays of mummies that have helped scientists better understand burial practices and build forensic reconstructions of mummified individuals to bring them to life for visitors

The inner-coffin of Tentkhonsu, a noble woman whose richly decorated coffin chronicles her journey through the underworld to judgment and resurrection

Funerary offerings from family members, meant to accompany the dead into the afterlife such as statues, amulets and charms

Examples of insects like scarabs and scorpions, bees and locusts, all which had a profound meaning in Egyptian culture, history, economy and mythology

There will be no formal program or remarks. The exhibition’s curatorial team will be on hand for interviews and to answer any questions.

National Museum of Natural History
10th Street and Constitution Avenue N.W.

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