Mpls Photo Center presents The Portrait. Up Close and Personal

Mpls Photo Center in Minneapolis presents The Portrait: Up Close and Personal an International Juried Competition on view through August 19th, 2012.

Photo: Noah David Bau – Melrose, Massachusetts

Experimentation with genre, format, and medium characterizes the portraits included in the exhibition. Some artists reconsider what constitutes a portrait, using objects, animals, masks, reflections and shadows to stand in for people’s visages. Like playful Russian nesting dolls, other photographers cleverly included portraits within portraits, such as the Cuban painter in his studio or the artist’s reflection on the glass of an heirloom daguerreotype. Finally, I commend the accomplished versatility with which photographers experiment with the history and future of the medium. Transcending debates for digital vs. film, the work in this exhibition also demonstrates newer technical innovations, like the iPhone and Photoshop, alongside early traditions, such as tintype and ambrotype photography. The diverse, highly competitive photography selected for “The Portrait: Up Close and Personal” is proof of the consistent power of portraiture to draw in viewers and encourage curiosity about other individuals. – Andrea Mellard, Exhibit Curator on The Portrait.

Mpls Photo Center
2400 North Second Street, Minneapolis, MN 55411