Dayton Art Institute opens Isabella Kirkland: Stilled Life

The Dayton Art Institute presents Isabella Kirkland: Stilled Life an exhibition on view February 22 2014 – May 18 2014.

Isabella Kirkland

Isabella Kirkland

Rendered in the crystalline clarity of 17th century Dutch still-life painters, contemporary artist Isabella Kirkland’s portraits of flora and fauna present a dazzling array of detail that straddles art history, scientific illustration and natural history.

This special exhibition brings together more than 50 of Kirkland’s works, as well as a host of preparatory drawings and studies in a variety of media. With their luscious colors and high-gloss finishes, some of which took over a year to create, these elaborate paintings celebrate decorative beauty, while at the same time delivering an arresting and timely narrative about environmental degradation and homogenization.

Shown together for the first time, the works in Isabella Kirkland: Stilled Life are sure to be of interest to lovers of art as well as scientific study. Kirkland’s work presents a seamless blend of both disciplines; with attention to the techniques of the Dutch Old Masters, as well as her meticulous approach to her subject through a scientific lens.

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