Two new OMNIMAX® films take you on a journey of a lifetime

Island of Lemurs: Madagascar and Hidden Universe debut June 13 at Cincinnati Museum Center

CINCINNATI – Cincinnati Museum Center is taking you halfway around the world and beyond the stars with two new OMNIMAX® films opening in their five-story domed theater. Island of Lemurs: Madagascar and Hidden Universe open in the Robert D. Lindner Family OMNIMAX® Theater at Cincinnati Museum Center on Friday, June 13.

Island of LemursIn the age of dinosaurs, a family of tiny castaways was swept out to sea. After a tumultuous journey, they landed on a mysterious island and evolved into some of the most extraordinary animals you’ll ever meet – the lemurs of Madagascar. Go on a journey halfway across the globe to swing, jump and dance through the forests of Madagascar with these amazing creatures that are equal parts stowaways, survivors and performers in Island of Lemurs: Madagascar.
Though they closely resemble their primate cousins, lemurs lived in isolation on the island of Madagascar, evolving into nearly 100 diverse species. Island of Lemurs: Madagascar introduces you to five of those species, including the tiny mouse lemur and the three foot tall Indri. Sing and dance along with the Sifaka as it jumps from side to side on its hind legs and communicates with its signature high-pitched call. You’ll also get up close and personal with ring-tailed lemurs, the most well-known lemur.
Though lemurs are born survivors, they are now facing extinction. Join scientist Dr. Patricia C. Wright, who has devoted her life to helping these amazing creatures survive in a modern world, as she studies, rescues, photographs and is photographed by the lemurs she works tirelessly to protect.

After you’ve travelled to Madagascar, a place you could never have imagined on this planet, marvel at images that are truly out of this world. Hidden Universe takes you on a breathtaking journey deep into space and brings our universe to life with unprecedented clarity on the OMNIMAX® screen. Explore spectacular galaxies billions of miles from Earth created millions of years ago, witness images of distant celestial structures including stunning images of our sun, see two galaxies collide and watch stars being born inside clouds of gas and dust.
Hidden Universe shows you deep space through the world’s most powerful telescopes, stationed high in the deserts of Chile, affording you a glimpse at the universe as only few have seen it before, showing you what ordinarily lies hidden from view.
Discover the cosmos and uncover amazing clues that reveal that the stars in the night sky are not only tiny specks of light but actual opportunities for life to exist on other planets. In an age where space tourism has become a reality, Hidden Universe offers a scintillating story of human endeavor from a prime seat with a magnificent view.
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Island of Lemurs: Madagascar and Hidden Universe open June 13 in the Robert D. Lindner Family OMNIMAX® Theater at Cincinnati Museum Center. For tickets and showtimes visit