Passport to the World series returns with five culture festivals

Celebrate the richness of cultures around the globe at Cincinnati Museum Center

CINCINNATI – Travel around the world and celebrate the many cultures that make up the melting pot of our diverse community. With dancing, music, food, crafts and hands-on artwork, visitors of all ages will enjoy reveling in the traditions of countries from around the globe.
Cincinnati Museum Center’s Passport to the World series is back to take you around the world as we celebrate the cultures that have influenced many of the things we love today. Sponsored by Luxottica, the Passport to the World series brings together dancers, musicians, performers and craftsmen from cultures around the globe to broaden our horizons and celebrate the richness of diversity that makes Cincinnati so great.

Passport to the World series“Cincinnati is an amazing collection of cultures, traditions and people,” says Douglass McDonald, president and CEO of Cincinnati Museum Center. “As a former train station and portal to destinations around the world, what better place than Cincinnati Museum Center to host a celebration of the many cultures that make our community so rich and robust.”
Cultures from five regions will be celebrated throughout the year at Cincinnati Museum Center, kicking off with Latin American Culture Fest on November 15. Dancers from Panama, Colombia and Peru will thrill visitors as they perform traditional dances. There will also be hands-on demonstrations of traditional beaded jewelry in the Rotunda and artwork in the Duke Energy Children’s Museum inspired by Mexican traditions like clay suns and tin art.
There’s much more than just Latin American Culture Fest. You can also celebrate African, Appalachian, Celtic and Asian cultures throughout the year. Each culture fest will feature music and dancing, a dazzling display of vendors with traditional crafts and performances unique to each culture sure to delight and amaze.
“At Luxottica, we help the world look and see their best,” said Judy Fimiani, Luxottica Vice President of Talent Acquisition and Diversity. “This powerful partnership takes this to another level by helping our community see the world.”
Passport to the World activities in the Rotunda are free. Activities in the Duke Energy Children’s Museum are included with paid Museum admission

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Additional culture fest dates are:
African American Culture Fest January 17, 2015
Appalachian Culture Fest February 14, 2015
Celtic Culture Fest March 21, 2015
Asian Culture Fest April 18, 2015