Wells Fargo Expands Educational Partnership with The Museum of Flight

SEATTLE – At a luncheon ceremony held on July 15 at The Museum of Flight, Wells Fargo announced a new educational commitment–with a grant of $30,000–to The Museum of Flight, specifically for the Washington Aerospace Scholars (WAS)–a combined online and onsite educational program designed to boost high school students’ STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) proficiency as well as their teamwork and business skills.

“We couldn’t be more pleased to deepen our commitment to The Museum of Flight’s educational programs with this new investment in Washington Aerospace Scholars,” stated Mary Knell,
Wells Fargo Commercial Banking CEO for Washington and Western Canada. “This forward-looking program, in which teams devise plans to launch and return human crews to and from Mars, puts tomorrow’s aerospace leaders in vital decision-making roles today. Wells Fargo understands how critical the aerospace sector is to the economic health of our region, and we are proud to help support those who will shape our future.”

Accepting a $30,000 check from Wells Fargo, Danielle Yoakum Tilden, President of Washington Aerospace Scholars, emphasized, “Wells Fargo’s generous grant ensures the health of the WAS program while validating its central role in the robust continuum of educational pathways at The Museum of Flight. To have the ‘seal of approval’ of such a respected business leader as Wells Fargo is invaluable to our work with these youths.”

Washington Aerospace Scholars (WAS) is a dual-phase program specifically designed for high school juniors. The program focuses on topics related to the history and future exploration of space by NASA as well as topics in Earth and space science. WAS gives high school juniors a chance to earn college credits at the University of Washington–giving them an academic edge when applying for colleges. This engaging opportunity allows students to connect with professional engineers, NASA scientists, university students, educators and business leaders. The project based learning environment allows students to collaborate with like-minded peers to design hypothetical missions to Mars. Beyond education, WAS helps students build confidence and develop leadership and problem-solving skills in a team-oriented, fun atmosphere.

Wells Fargo’s new investment is in addition to the financial services company’s longstanding Wells Fargo Free First Thursday support, which underwrites the Museum’s ability to offer free admission one evening a month to economically underserved families. The gift to WAS is also part of The Museum of Flight Campaign–Inspiration Begins Here! This $77 million, multi-year comprehensive effort is designed to preserve the Museum’s world-class collection, enhance its dynamic, interactive visitor experience, deepen its immersive STEM educational programs, and strengthen its operational sustainability.

Wells Fargo has 3,700 team members in Washington who serve customers through a network of 233 banking, mortgage and investment offices, and 235 ATMs. In 2015, Wells Fargo invested $3.5 million in Washington nonprofits and schools and its team members personally donated $1.3 million and recorded 31,000 volunteer hours.

For general Museum information, please call 206-764-5720 or visit www.museumofflight.org