Solar Eclipses Shine in Lecture and Book Signing at The Museum of Flight

Author, astronomer and artist Tyler Nordgren shows history of the solar eclipse

SEATTLE – On July 29, author, astronomer, artist, and professor Tyler Nordgren describes how different cultures interpret eclipses through a series of accounts from a variety of ancient and modern scientists. The 2 p.m. program is based upon his new book,
Sun Moon Earth -The History of Solar Eclipses from Omens of Doom to Einstein and Exoplanets. A book signing with Nordgren follows the presentation. The book signing is free; the program is free with admission to the Museum.

The program is an introduction to next month’s rare solar eclipse, which is the first total eclipse of the Sun that will be visible across the United States in almost forty years.

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Spectacular images from the Hinode spacecraft show the solar eclipse, which darkened the sky in parts of the Western United States and Southeast Asia yesterday, May 20, 2012. This image shows the maximum eclipse, courtesy NASA.